Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clock Ticking For Rangers & Renney

This can't continue much longer without someone being sacraficed for this horrendous stretch of hockey. The Broadway Blueshirts are 2-6-2 in their last ten and quickly sliding right out of the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

You won't find me at the Garden participating in a "Fire Renney!" chant . . . I don't think that Tom Renney is to blame for this team's problems. Yes, he's the coach and yes, this team is ranked 30th in the NHL in goals per game. The players are the ones on the ice and unfortunately for Ranger fans and Tom Renney the effort is not there. Last night for the first two periods in St.Louis for the first time in quite a while the Rangers put in a solid effort, they competed physically. But, the offense is abysmal - Naslund and Zherdev have been pretty much been invisible for weeks now.

Many have blamed Renney for playing a defensive style of game that smothers the offensive talent of the Rangers. To me it's the opposite -- Renney recognized a long time ago that the Rangers do not have the offense that would enable them to win 5-4 games throughout an entire 82 games season. Instead, he decided to implement a defensive system that allowed the Rangers to win games 2-1 --- knowing that getting much more than two goals per game for the Rangers was going to be difficult. Is it is fault that the players can't score? His fault that Sather has spent way too much money on players who aren't the team's best players? Redden and Rozsival are being paid as #1 defensemen, but neither has been (Staal, Mara, Girardi have all been more consistent and put in a better effort on a nightly basis). Gomez and Drury combining for $14.4m in salary this season (and the next three seasons!) -- yet Gomez has just 39 points and Drury only 34 points. All Renney's fault?

Glen Sather better start making some moves prior to the deadline (March 4th) - not so that the Rangers can make a run for the Cup (not happening!), but so that they are not Cap strapped for the next half a decade!

The reason why the Rangers are on the verge of not making the playoffs & why Renney's job is on the line:

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