Sunday, March 22, 2009

Around the NHL: Sunday Edition

  • You know how the Montreal media has been all over these Vinny Lecavalier to Montreal trade rumors for the past few seasons, well it seems that now the Toronto media have their own little fantasy. Vinny has always been linked to Montreal because he'd be playing in his hometown. Similarly this week in the Toronto Star there's an article about the Sedin twins heading to Leaf Nation. It makes me laugh to be honest. The second there is any speculation that there are contract negotaiting problems the media thinks of any degrees of separation between other NHL clubs that could lead to a trade/signing. Well just because Brian Burke used to be the GM in Vancouver doesn't mean the Sedins are coming to Toronto! [Link]

  • Ottawa reporter analyzes Redden's career so far and says that New Yorkers aren't interested in anything except results. Unfortunately with Redden there are no positive results but there is a $39M price tag! [Link]

  • In case you missed it, NHL history was made last night in the Canucks/Coyotes game. Viktor Tikhonov became the first NHL player to get a goal and a penalty on the same play. [Link]

  • Brad Richards returned from injury Saturday after missing the past 15 games with a broken wrist but it appears that he's drinking the same water as Marian Gaborik (Minnesota Wild) because he broke his other hand in the game! [Link]

  • Larry Brooks says that the NHL Draft lottery system must change immediately because it benefits teams that tank the remainder of their season after they know they won't make the playoffs. The last place team has a 48.2% chance of getting John Tavares....whoops...I mean the #1 draft pick. [Link]

  • Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun says that Saku Koivu could end up in Minnesota, but in my opinion all of the hoopla is based on pure speculation and internet rumor mongers solely because Saku's younger brother Mikko plays in Minnesota. [Link]

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