Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Around the NHL

  • Petr Prucha must be doing something right in Wayne Gretzky's eyes. Prucha started the game against the Red Wings tonight once again on the #1 line, this time along with other Phoenix Trade Deadline acquistions Matthew Lombardi & Scottie Upshall.

  • Wondering if the Maple Leafs will exact revenge on Brendan Witt for that viscous elbow that he was suspended for two weeks ago that has left Nik Hagman on the injured list with a concussion. Welcome to the 'New NHL', revenge is not likely. But, then again if it were to happen, it's most likely to happen with a team that has Brian Burke as the GM. [Link]

  • Who are your top ten Stanley Cup Contenders? The Hockey News has given us theirs and quite frankly, the list seemed pretty reasonable until I got to #10. That's when I bust out laughing. The Montreal Canadiens? How many more issues of their magazine did they plan to sell just by listing Montreal in the top 10? Seriously! [Link]

  • Enough with this garbage about banning fighting in the NHL. Enough with the 'we have to change it because people get hurt from fights'! Fighting is part of hockey. Hockey is a passionate game. Go to a game sometime and tell me besides a goal and a fight what else in hockey gets the crowd on their feet and cheering? Leave fighting alone, let the players police themselves. [Link]

  • For once it appears that George Laraque is pro-fighting. This is the guy who in recent months has added more fuel to the fire of the anti-fight brigade with some pretty stupid hypocritical comments in my opinion. [Link]

  • Doesn't the NHL have more important things to worry about? Like, selling the game perhaps? Rangers v Bruins get horrible NBC #'s [Link]

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