Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brent Sutter Leaving The Devils?

According to the National Post of Calgary:
Sutter hopes to lead his team deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

But later on, he is considering a return to his old life as a rancher, junior hockey executive and full-time dad.

"I'm not making any decisions," Sutter said. "I'm just taking it day to day and doing the best I can.

"We'll evaluate from here." The evaluation, at least internally, has already started.

"It's hard to explain to anybody," he said. "My situation is somewhat different than a lot of other coaches in the NHL. I own a major junior team. I own a ranch. I'm 2,800 miles from all that. I have a family, and I'm 2,800 miles away from them.

"I chose to do this, but there's an understanding that it's a year-to-year thing for me."

..... "I'll re-evaluate this summer," he said, of his hockey feature. "Just like I always do."

After reading that article, Devils fans can't be very optimistic about seeing Sutter behind the bench next season at the Prudential Center. If they win the Cup, will he leave? If they don't win the Cup, will he want to take another shot at it? He'll have a big decision to make at the end of the season, until then many Devils fans will be waiting anxiously.

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Ryan McFadden said...

That's interesting. You know who could be a perfect fit for the Devils coaching job if he did leave. Tom Renney.

PuckCentral said...

I doubt that very much to be honest. But, in saying that it is the same type of system that the NJD used for years. I guess time will tell if Sutter comes back to NJ or not.

Ryan McFadden said...

I doubt it would actually happen. I just think Renney would be a nice fit there.