Thursday, March 19, 2009

Child Support, Snow Blowers & The Wild West Showdown

  • Nobody's above the law ---not even the NHL all-time wins leader, Martin Brodeur. Brodeur who broke Patrick Roy's NHL wins record earlier this week was brought back to reality today when a NJ Appeals Court ruled that he must pay his ex-wife alimony until 2020 ($500K per year). On top of that, Brodeur has to pay $132K each year in child support and in excess of $9M in other assets. Brodeur and his ex-wife were divorced after Broduer admitted to cheating on her with his sister-in-law. Hope it was worth it Marty! [Link]

  • Marian Gaborik is expected to play for Minnesota on Sunday. It's unknown how long until he goes on his next vacation...whoops, I mean gets re-injured and goes on IR for another few months. [Link]

  • Larry Brooks takes another look at the Cap issues that the Rangers face this offseason. We get it Larry, the Rangers are screwed for the next few seasons....[Link]

  • Joe Sakic plans to play again this season. Why? The Avs are last in the West, have no shot at the playoffs and their season is all but over. My guess, Sakic is retiring this season and wants to at least play one more game before he calls it quits (or gets in a fight with another snow blower!) [Link]

  • A little more over at Puck Daddy about the whole Sidney Crosby/Marc Savard wild west visor showdown that never went down. For once Crosby did something that hockey fans should at least acknowledge as the right thing to do (in terms of fighting, not whining to the refs). Could he have jumped Savard? Sure he could have, and it could've cost the Pens an important game with a playoff position at stake. Instead, he made Savard eat his words. Hopefully next time, Savard is eating his fists. [Link]

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