Monday, March 30, 2009

Lundqvist Continues Domination of Devils

Rangers 3 - Devils 0 [Boxscore]

That was possibly the most complete game of the New York Rangers season. With only five games left, and all of the teams that they have left to play being teams battling for a playoff position or are already in the playoffs, these were a huge two points.

The anticipated sideshow between Martin Brodeur and Sean Avery was a no-show. Nothing of importance happened between the two (except for Brodeur slamming Avery in the groin twice in the 1st period with the NYR on the Power Play). However, Avery still got under the skin of the Devils on two seperate occasions, both times in the third period when the game was already determined. First Clarkson clearly wanted to fight Avery, Avery was adamant that he wasn't fighting, Clarkson rag-dolled him around the ice until the refs stepped in and sent both players to the box (Avery for a minor, Clarkson a double-minor and a 10 minute misconduct). Then in the dying seconds Rupps went after Avery but nothing much resulted other than Rupp getting a roughing penalty.

Unlike on Saturday against the Penguins, the Rangers spent very little time down a man. The Devils were 0-2 on the Power Play, while the Rangers went 0-5.

The Rangers came out with guns ablazing firing everything that they could at Brodeur. After one period the Rangers and Devils were still tied at zero but New York had outshot the Devils 20-10. Honestlty, it was one of those periods where as a Rangers fan you had to be thinking "oh no, another period where they completly outplayed the opponent but nothing to show for it!" But, thankfully in the second period the Rangers didn't stop doing what they had done so well in the first. The result was New York scoring all three of their goals in the second period.

Lundqvist didn't have to make too many spectacular saves, but he still faced a lot of rubber (38 saves) as he picked up his 3rd shutout of the season. Lundqvist is now 14-2-5 during the regular season when head-to-head with Martin Brodeur.

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