Tuesday, March 17, 2009

News from Around the NHL

  • St. Patrick's Day Tribute to Owen Nolan who was born in Belfast, Ireland but grew up in Canada. Nolan is one of just six players in NHL history to be born in Ireland. However, Nolan is by far the most prominent name amongst the six, as he's the only one who has played in the NHL since the early 1950s. [Link]

  • The NHL welcomes back Brian McGrattan tonight. McGrattan left the Coyotes to voluntarily enter the NHL's substance-abuse program. [Link]

  • NHL.com Brodeur watching. [Link]

  • I'm not a big Sidney Crosby fan because I don't like that he's always complaining to the refs but I'll give him credit where credit is due if this story is in fact true. Rumor has it that Marc Savard told Crosby that he wouldn't fight him because he was wearing a visor and Crosby then had the Penguins' equipment manager remove the visor. The two didn't fight, so it appears that if this is true, Savard deserves to get some major bashing. [Link]

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