Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ovechkin Gets #50

50 goals in 70 games, not bad Mr. Ovechkin. It doesn't look like he is going to accomplish the 65 goals that he scored over the course of 82 games last season. The man they call "AO" or "Alexander the Great" looks likely to repeat his reign as the winner of the Richard Trophy for most goals in the regular season. Zach Parise of the Devils is the closest competition, he has 41 goals.

Video of Goal & Interview

According to Capitals Insider:

Alex Ovechkin netted No. 50 during a four-on-four in the first period tonight to become the first Capital to score 50 goals three times and only the second active player to have accomplished the feat (Teemu Selanne is the other).

After ripping a shot past Mike McKenna, Ovechkin dropped his stick then bent over it and attempted to pick it up. But each time he reached down he pretended that the stick was too hot to touch.

The Lightning fans didn't appreciate the gesture and booed Ovechkin. Can't wait to see what Don Cherry will have to say about it on Coach's Corner on Saturday night.

In case you missed it, here's Cherry bashing Ovechkin for his outlandish goal celebrations. [Link]

You're right Mr.Cherry, this NHL fan finds Ovechkin's celebrations to be entertaining, just like Sean Avery is entertaining. If a guy scores a goal, he should show some damn emotion. I'm not saying to rub it in the opponent's face, but when you score a goal, you should show that you're excited! Ovechkin loves to score goals and as long as he's not doing it against my team, I love to watch him score them....and celebrate!!

Update: Ovechkin was just on the NHL Network and said he didn't think that Don Cherry would like it. So, Cherry was obviously on his mind when he celebrated his 50th goal tonight. Glad he didn't tone down the celebration just because Don said to!

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