Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rangers Headlines & The Avery/Clarkson Non-Fight

I said last night that the 3-0 win against the Devils was one of the best all around team performances of the season, looks like others agree. [Link]

I'm typically one the biggest Sean Avery fans, I was among those who right away said that Avery should come back to New York when he had the problems in Dallas. I was completly pissed off at Sather last summer when he let Avery walk right out of New York. However, I think I am one of the few Rangers fans that doesn't agree with what he did last night. I understand that Avery is "changed" but he still fights (as evidenced by two in the past few games against Clutterbuck and Kennedy), he should've dropped the gloves last night. Some are saying that Clarkson looked like an idiot for rag-dolling Avery around the ice. [Video] In my opinion, it was Avery that looked like the idiot. Maybe he was just trying to further piss of the the Devils by refusing to fight Clarkson in a blow out, who knows what was in Sean's mind. Maybe he had nothing to gain by fighting Clarkson in the final ten minutes of a 3-0 game, but what did he have to lose? This is the second time this season that Avery has clearly declined to fight Clarkson (the previous when he was a Dallas Star). In a close game maybe you give Avery props for drawing the Rangers a power play. Maybe you give him props if he gets one of the Devils' best players booted from the game. But, last night in front of a pumped up Rangers crowd at MSG, with the Rangers blowing out the Devils, Avery should've dropped the gloves.

Many on internet fight message boards today are buzzing that Avery is afraid of Clarkson. I don't agree with that sentiment AT ALL. In my opinion, Sean Avery is afraid of nobody in the NHL (as evidence by his taunting of George Laraque a few seasons ago with alleged racial slurs). Avery and Clarkson have fought before, in what most would agree was an edge to Clarkson, but nothing for Avery to be shaking in his skates about. [Video] A lot of Ranger fans, beat writers and hockey writers are applauding Avery for what he did and showing 'discipline'. As a proponent of fighting in the NHL, I think that Avery should've obliged Clarkson. If the tables were turned, the Devils were up 3-0 and Avery did that to Clarkson, you better believe that all of those standing behind Avery supporting that showing of 'discipline' would've been the first in line to bash Clarkson.

There are recaps all over the blogosphere today, thanks to a big Rangers win last night. [Dark Ranger], [Rangers Review] and [Manic Ranger]

The NY Post says that the Rangers embarrassed Brodeur and the Devils. [Links]

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