Friday, March 27, 2009

Rangers Headlines: Friday Morning

  • Andrew Gross discusses John Tortorella's 30 second interview (more like tirade). One things for sure, if you want to hear the truth about how they played, just listen to the head coach, he certainly wasn't sugar coating it when he said "“We sucked.” I have two different links because one version was for the newspaper and the other version for his blog (which is more detailed about what was said). [Link] and [Link]

  • Larry Brooks talks about John Tortorella's "bush league" interview after last night's pathetic game in Atlanta. According to Brooks, Tortorella had threw out a bunch of obscenities and then stormed off without answering any questions. [Link]

  • Interviews after the game with Wade Redden, Chris Drury and Steve Valiquette. [Video]

  • Game recaps here, here and here. Plus, a look at it from an Atlanta perspective here.

  • Stan Fischler looks forward to Saturday afternoon's game against the Penguins, who are currently just one point ahead of the Rangers and holding onto 6th place in the East. [Link]

  • A look at the Rangers OHL prospects. [Link]

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