Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rangers News, Line Changes & Colton Orr

Looks like when the Rangers take on Nashville tomorrow night they'll have some different lines than the ones that were in place against the Hurricanes in Carolina on Monday night. At practice today (according to Newsday & Ranger Rants) Avery replaced Naslund on the top line (Naslund skating on the 3rd line where Avery was). The rest of the forward combination remain the same. Also, a few changes on the back line, which was much needed after seeing Rozsival and Redden exposed a handful of times in the third period alone on Monday night.

Today's lines at practice:


* Voros standing in for Antropov on the 2nd line, Antropov didn't practice today, John Tortorella explaining that "he's banged up."

A little insight by Newsday as to why Steve Valiquette probably got the start on Monday night instead of Lundqvist:

Lundqvist, who was throwing up between periods during Sunday's game against Boston (graphic, I know, sorry) has been battling a stomach ailment worse than previously assumed. He said he received 2 liters of IV fluid during Sunday's game and has been bothered by stomach uneasiness/inability to keep food down for about 10 days now and is taking medication to correct the issue.

Tortorella said he isn't worried about the severity of Lundqvist's illness ("He's fine") or that he'll be unable to play tomorrow against Nashville ("Not for a second, no").

Larry Brooks of the NY Post reports that the Rangers will receive a compensatory draft pick this summer, due to the death of the Rangers' 2007 first-round pick, Alexei Cherepanov. Brooks says:
Though it is unclear whether Article 8.3 (b) of the CBA must be amended to accommodate this specific circumstance, the Blueshirts now stand to receive the 17th pick of this year's second round following Glen Sather's presentation yesterday at the NHL GMs meetings in Naples, Fla.

Ranger Rants also had a quick interview with Colton Orr today regarding the NHL GM proposal to amend the NHL's rules for fighting. Orr didn't say much about the possible changes other than that he "just think(s) it's part of the game." So do I Colton, so do I!

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