Friday, March 27, 2009

Ray Emery's Hummer Impounded, Death Threats in Columbus & More!

  • Great story out of Columbus, where the Blue Jackets 'signed' a one-day contract with a 19 year old former hockey player who is terminally ill with cancer. Real classy thing for Scott Howson and the Blue Jacket organization to do. [Link]

  • Ray Emery is back in Ottawa and terrorizing the streets again! This time, his Hummer was impounded and he's had his license suspended for a whole week. [Link]

  • Anyone who is interested in college hockey should check out the TV schedule that was released. All games are being played exclusively on ESPN (mostly on a subsidiary called ESPNU -- that I have never even heard of). [Link]

  • USA Today ranked their top 30 UFAs that will be available this summer. I think that some of the rankings are a little strange (like Tim Thomas being ranked #20). But, I think the writer was basing it more so on what players will actually leave their current teams and get a lot of hype on the open market. [Link] For a list of all of the top UFAs this summer check out the articles that I did a few weeks ago, listing the top UFAs by position. [Link]

  • A Flames fan was arrested last night after their game in Columbus against the Blue Jackets because he had made several terroristic threats aimed at Columbus players, in particualr Steve Mason (who got a shutout....again!) [Link]

  • Ryan Miller returns to the Sabres lineup tonight when they take on the Leafs. Unfortunately for Buffalo fans, it's probably a little too late. [Link]

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