Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Retirement Plans & The Twins

  • Does this surprise you as much as it surprises me? Curtis Joseph says that he has no plans on retiring at the end of this season. I still think that he will be retiring, because although the goalie best known as "Cujo", who is 41 years old may not want to retire, I'm not sure that there will be a market for him. The only thing in his favor is that he could be a backup for a team that doesn't want to use a lot of cap space for a backup. Toronto has already made it fairly obvious that next season they have ideas as to who will backup Vesa Toskala - and his name isn't Curtis Joseph! [Link]

  • Carolina Hurricanes captain Rod Brind'Amour today hinted that he plans to return next season, which will be his 21st season in the NHL. It's no secret that Brind'Amour struggled for a decent amount of this season but he has been producing again offensively and he is still one of the best faceoff men in the NHL. Doesn't surprise me to be honest - Brind'Amour has always been one of the best conditioned players in the NHL and I've always thought of him as a guy that could have a "Chelios" length career. [Link]

  • Daniel & Henrik Sedin could be heading out of Vancouver this summer. Mike Gillis, the Canucks GM confirmed today that the negotiations had come to a stand still and that they will stop talking until after the season. Each of the Sedin brothers is rumored to want a 5yr deal at $6.5M per season. The Canucks have supposedly offered at least a million per year less and want a shorter contract length. If I'm Mike Gillis I get the deal done - if they can afford to give Sundin an $8M contract, then giving the brothers a contract similar to the ones that they are requesting sounds reasonable. At the same time, if the Sedins want to remain a dynamic duo, maybe they too have to give a little. [Link]

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