Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scott Fartsmell, Koharski's Donuts & more!

  • Here's a pretty cool story about Scott Fartsmell...whoops I mean Scott Hartnell. As rival fans you always 'hate' the other teams players. This is a good story about one Penguin fan's experience with the big-haired forward of the Flyers. Stories like these make it hard to 'hate' the guy! [Link]

  • This Edmonton journalist wants the Oilers to stay away from Marian Hossa - he thinks it would be a HUGE mistake for Kevin Lowe to sign Hossa to a long-term contract in excess of $8M per year. A HUGE contract mistake? You mean like Dustin Penner HUGE? [Link]

  • Ryan Kesler's agent tells Mike Gillis, the Canucks GM, that his client will not be giving the Canucks a 'hometown discount' this summer. With reports that the Canucks' negotiations with the Sedins have hit a wall, could another young forward be leaving Vancouver? [Link]

  • Veteran referee Don Koharski will be retiring at the end of the NHL regular season. Word on the street is that Jim Schoenfeld (NYR assistant coach) will be sending Don a box of donuts. [Link]

  • Last night Mike Cammalleri of the Flames tied Marian Hossa for the most goals by a player on a new team this season. In the process, he made sure that he'll get a significant pay raise this summer when he's a UFA. [Link]

  • For anyone interested in the KHL playoffs, here's an update. [Link]

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