Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sean Avery Bias, Ruff Not Happy & Your Norris Trophy Winner

  • The Rangers aren't happy with the bias that the referees seem to have against Sean Avery. I'm just surprised that it took them this long to say anything. [Link]

  • A look at the only type of NCAA action that real hockey fans care about! [Link]

  • A detailed look at today's NHL games, including players to watch in each game and the expected starting goaltenders. [Link]

  • Excitement building in Columbus as the team gets prepared to make their first appearance in the Stanley Cup playoffs. [Link]

  • Puck Daddy has some good analysis on the teams duking it out in the West for the final playoff spots. I still can't picture a Western Conference playoff bracket without the Ducks on it, so my guess is they get in some how, some way. [Link]

  • Add New Jersey to the list of teams that have been happy with their trade deadline acquisition(s). Niclas Havelid traded for the day before the deadline has been reliable and consistent. [Link]

  • How are the Red Wings going to sign both Marian Hossa and Johan Franzen this summer? Chances are they'll have to trade someone else from their roster to get the two signed. [Link]

  • Lindy Ruff wasn't happy (that's nothing new!) with a hit on Patrick Kaleta against Montreal on Saturday. I didn't get a chance to see the hit yet, but if anyone in the NHL deserves a nasty hit or a few hard cross-checks to the head it's Kalete, who in my opinion is one of the dirtiest players in the entire NHL. Anyone remember this dirty/late hit [Video] on Mara last season that resuled in Mara having a broken orbital bone? [Link]

  • Will Zdeno Chara win the Norris this year? [Link]

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