Saturday, March 7, 2009

Video of Steve Downie Slashing AHL Referee

As most of you already know, Steve Downie was suspended (again!) by the AHL for physically abusing an official. The suspension is for 20 games.

Not as clear cut as I expected. In fact, unless that action was accompanied with Downie saying something I have no idea how that resulted in him being suspended. It was a faceoff and from the angle of that video it could have easily been an accident. But, given that this is Steve Downie we're talking about, there's no way that he was going to be given the benefit of the doubt!


Ryan McFadden said...

Downie must have said something. That right there looks like it could just be accidental contact. Downie has a horrible rep though. He's still young, I hope his career isn't over for his sake. As big of a D-bag as he can be.

Puck Central said...

They appealed it and I heard on XM the other day that the 20 game suspension was upheld. He had to have said something!