Friday, April 10, 2009

$100 to Play in the NHL?... Satan's Back & more!

  • Pretty cool story last night for a Flyer who was making his debut in the NHL. The Rangers announcers touched on the subject a few times during the game, but the exact details weren't clear. Due to salary cap issues Philly was forced to sign David Sloane right out of college. Sloane became the first Philadelphia-born player ever to play for the Flyers. Skating on the same ice surface with guys with multi-million dollar contracts such as Danny Briere ($10M), Wade Redden ($6.5M) - Sloane was paid a measley $100! Hell, it's every hockey player's dream to play in the NHL...but that is pretty crazy stuff! [Link]

  • According to the Boston Globe, next year's "Winter Classic" will be in Boston at Fenway. [Link]

  • Sakic's season is over - is his career over? [Link]

  • Miroslav Satan is back in the NHL as he cleared re-entry waivers. [Link]

  • The Rangers gave out their annual team awards. Team MVP is Wade Redden...just kidding! Henrik Lundqvist was voted the team MVP for the 3rd straight season - what a shocker! [Link]

  • The NJ Devils clinched the Atlantic Division title last night by beating the Senators. [Link]

  • The only division now that is still up for grabs is the Northwest Division out West, where Vancouver & Calgary are still in a tight battle. It looks like whoever wins that division will be playing the Blue Jackets and whoever finishes second will play Chicago.[Link]

  • Mike Milbury is critical of Marian Gaborik and honestly I've got to agree with him. [Link]

  • This may not be the NHL save of the year, but it's certainly up there - especially considering the timing of the save and the importance of the game. [Link]


Kotsy's Korner said...

Puck, I know Sloane he's a big boy from Colgate University. I work for the Quinnipiac Bobcats as a color analyst on the Bobcats Radio network.

Nice story.

Puck Central said...

Yeah, it definitely was a cool story to read about. Maybe he earned himself an NHL contract. But, more than likely he'll be playing for the Phantoms next season. When you saw him playing in college did you see the possibility of him playing in the NHL?

Kotsy's Korner said...

I think size alone gives Sloane the extra look. How he adapts to the speed and strength of the NHL players will be how he's measured.

Looked okay in College, but the NHL is a whole different animal.

I wish him luck, after all he's part of the D-men fraternity.LOL