Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 Points Will Clinch A Playoff Berth

Rangers 3 - Montreal 1

The Rangers were able to stay in the game through the first ten minutes even though Montreal was the better team. The rest of the game was pretty much all New York and the Rangers were able to leave MSG tonight with two points in regulation. A win for Montreal would've clinched a playoff spot, instead the win leaves New York needing only two points total out of the two remaining games against the Flyers. That's because Florida was beaten tonight by the Flyers 2-1.

Earlier today in the Rangers/Montreal Preview I predicted that the Rangers would win, I was correct about the result, not correct in the prediction (I said 4-2). I was completly wrong in one of my predictions:
Don't expect Captain Invisible to do much - he's found a way to make it through 85% of the season without being effective or inspirational - don't expect that to change tonight in a "must win game!"
It's always a good thing when you criticize a player on your team and then they make you eat your words. Well, tonight Chris Drury made me eat my words. He scored two goals, the first of the game and then the goal to make it 3-1.

Antropov scored the Rangers other goal, the game winner on a really gutsy play. He dove head first into an area where many players wouldn't put their foot, in order to bat a loose puck into an empty net.

Henrik Lundqvist made the good saves when he had to (2nd Star of the game) and when he couldn't make the save, on at least two occasions the posts bailed him out.

Game Recap from Rangers website. [Link]

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