Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Be Careful, It's April Fools Day

I remembered last night that it was April Fools Day today, usually I have at least one friend or family member that decides that they are going to have a great story/idea to continue the April Fools Day Tradition.

Truth is, I woke up this morning and forgot all about it being April Fools Day and I went right online. Of course, the first blog that I read was an April Fools Day prank over at Paul Kukla's website. It was an article by one of the usual bloggers over there that claimed he was leaving his blog and joining a Detroit newspaper. Honestly, the story was good and had me convinced, but I really didn't care either way because I rarely read the guys blog, it's a Red Wings fan blog. [Link]

Then, a little while later I discovered a different headline, which right away stood out as a joke. The title of the article was "Rangers To Retire Potvin’s No. 5 ", no matter what state of mind I am in I will always know that the author is a prankster. [Link]

Visitors to a popular Pittsburgh Penguins message board got quite a surprise today with a new layout for their site. Rumor has it that it was designed by Sidney Crosby. [Link]

Just be careful out there today - not only in what you read on the internet, your local newspaper but also in the stories that your friends and co-workers tells you. Today is April Fools Day and chances are you'll meet at least one prankster in your travels today.

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