Monday, April 27, 2009

Brashear Suspended 6 Games

According to Ranger Rants:
Donald Brashear, the Capitals enforcer, gets a six-game suspension for his actions against the Rangers in Game 6. Five are for his vicious forearm shiver to Blair Betts that broke the center's orbital bone and gave him a concussion and one was for his pre-game push with Colton Orr.
I still say that if Orr was in the lineup that the hit on Betts never happens. Not that Brashear is 'afraid' of Orr, but that's just the way that it is. Once Orr was scratched yesterday it was a given that Brasher was going to do something & not a single New York Ranger (other than Orr) has the ability to step up to him. I give props to Mara for jumping in but he did about all he could there. For those of you saying that the hit was a momentum changer and the reason why the Rangers lost. No, the Rangers lost yesterday because they were pathetic for the second straight game and third time in the series. When the Rangers actually show up to play, they have a chance to win, as evidence by three of the first four games. Onto game 7, where the Rangers will be without Blair Betts, the team's best faceoff man and best PKer - while the Caps are without Donald Brashear. Now, let's see if Orr is dressed & makes the Capitals pay. Or, (if I guess right) the Rangers see that Brashear is not playing so they scratch Orr again, dressing Voros & AHL call-up Anisimov instead.


Anonymous said...

Ranger fans sure cry a lot! "Mommy,He bit me!"

Puck Central said...

I can just imagine the outcry if the tables were turned and it was Ovechkin/Crosby on the receiving end of a bite. Somehow, I don't see the refs pushing them away when they try to show them the bite mark OR giving them a 10 minute penalty.

I'm the 1st to admit that this BS about the Caps security leading to the Tortorella incident is a joke. But, that hit by Brashear was dirty & he had only one thing on his mind when he delivered it, that was certainly intent to injure. As for the bite - that's not hockey. I guarantee you that there would be a lot more coverage & bitching if it was AO that got bit

Graying Mantis said...

Unfortunately, the Rangers do not have anyone that the NHL is interested in protecting.

This is perhaps the only sport that needs a strong NY market and simply ignores it. The other sports focus too much on NY but they make a lot more money and have much higher ratings.