Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday: Rangers Headlines

  • The Rangers will start the 2009 NHL Playoffs off in Washington against the Capitals. The Alexander Ovechkin led Capitals were 3-1 against the Rangers this season. Including that miserable game two days before Christmas when the Rangers blew a 4-0 lead against the Capitals and Ovechkin had two goals. [Link]
  • John Tortorella not happy with the Rangers "shit practice!" [Link]

  • With one last regular season game today that doesn't mean anything to the Rangers (as far as the standings go), I wonder if Lundqvist will get the evening off. There are some who will say that Valiquette should get the start because he's had success against Philly in the past and also because the last thing the Rangers need is to have Lundqvist injured right before the playoffs in a game that doesn't mean much. Others will say that Lundqvist needs to be kept sharp for the Capitals. In my opinion giving Lundqvist the night off would be a wise decision but either way I won't really care (unless he gets injured! - knock on wood).

  • All other Eastern Conference matchups determined. [Link]

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I'll have a playoff preview up within the next day or so - with all of my predictions.

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