Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rangers Still Fighting For Playoff Spot

It looks like Buffalo has completely dropped out of the race for a top eight spot but with a game in hand of both the Rangers and Florida anything is possible. It looks like the Rangers will be fighting off Florida for a playoff spot, because the Rangers have by the far the most difficult schedule of the teams battling for playoff position in the East. Although Montreal currently sits in 8th, they are only one point behind the Rangers and have a game in hand. Here's a look at the remaining games for each of the three teams battling it out for the final two playoff positions in the East (keep in mind that the Penguins & Carolina are also catchable).

Schedule for Montreal:
@ Islanders
@ Toronto
Home to Ottawa
@ Rangers
@ Boston
Home to Penguins

Schedule for Rangers:
@ Carolina
@ Boston
Home to Montreal
Home to Flyers
@ Flyers

Schedule for Florida:
Home to Atlanta
Home to Penguins
@ Flyers
@ Atlanta
Home to Washington

Standings image altered from the original found at To view the complete standings click here. [Link]

Check back later today for my preview of tonight's Rangers vs. Hurricanes game

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