Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday's NHL Headlines

  • If the playoffs were to start today, here are the matchups. [Link]
  • Forget about the regular season or the playoffs, this "Disgruntled Avalanche Blogger" is already telling the Avs who they should draft in June - it isn't John Tavares. [Link]
  • For the NJ Devils fans, individual playoff tickets are on sale. [Link]

  • More about the whole Sean Avery incident from last night. Surfing the internet today, reading some of the reactions, you would think that Avery "McSorley'd" Thomas! It was a love tap, nothing more. The only reason this is getting the attention it is, is because it was Avery that did it. [Link]

  • A discussion about this year's Norris Trophy possible winners. Doesn't sound like Brooks Orpik likes Mike Green very much. [Link]

  • Read this open letter from a Rangers blogger to Ryan Callahan. Based on one split second decision, this blogger wants to rescind his vote for Callahan for the Rangers' team award for extra effort (named after Steven McDonald). I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he wrote this while still frustrated at the Rangers' loss yesterday. Otherwise....well I won't say what I think of this "fan". Callahan has been one of the most consistent players for NY all season and (in my opinion) this letter makes me wonder if the letter writer watched any of the other 77 games that Callahan has played in this season. Callahan gets a letter based on one play??? If that's the case what do you have in store for Wade Redden or Markus Naslund?[Link]

  • A detailed look at tonight's schedule, predicitions and what players to watch in each game. [Link]

  • I'll give you one guess...what NHL team has two John Deere zambonis?

Only in North Carolina!

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