Friday, May 15, 2009

2nd Round Predictions Not So Hot

Well, after going 7 for 8 in the first round, my picks in the second round brought me back to reality. Out of the four matchups - I was only correct in predicting that the Penguins would beat the Capitals.

My predictions Semi-Final Predictions:
Boston Bruins over Carolina in 6 - Result: Carolina in 7
Pittsburgh Penguins over Capitals in 6 - Result: Penguins in 7
Anaheim Ducks over Red Wings in 7 - Result: Red Wings in 7
Vancouver Canucks over Chicago in 6 - Result: Chicago in 6

My Conference Final Predictions:
Penguins over Carolina in 6
Detroit over Chicago in 6

Leading to a repeat of last season's Stanley Cup Final, only difference being that this season Marian Hossa is on the Wings, not the Penguins.

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