Wednesday, May 13, 2009

End of Game Detroit/Ducks Festivities

I always wonder why more teams don't do this when they play the Detroit Red Wings. The Wings are probably the softest team in the NHL every season and refuse to dress a legit fighter. Not that I have any particular animosity towards Marian Hossa, but I loved seeing Getzlaf go after him at the end of the game. If a team refuses to protect their star players, why allow them to get away with it?

I know that in the NHL nowadays the NHL does a fair amount of their enforcing, by making sure that if much more than what went on last night went on there would be suspensions galore. Still - if Detroit does advance (which I hope they don't), this is what other teams must continue to do to get them off of their game. They dress Darren McCarty like once every 6 months, make them protect their star players. It's for the good of the game!

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Anonymous said...

i was disappointed that Getzlaf didn't really press the issue! then you said, the NHL probably would've suspended him for game 7