Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gonchar Injured & His Agent Calls Out Ovechkin

According to TSN:

Sources tell TSN Pittsburgh defenceman Sergei Gonchar suffered an apparent knee injury and will miss the next several weeks, perhaps the remainder of the season.

Gonchar was injured following a knee-on-knee collision with Capitals star Alex Ovechkin, who received a minor penalty on the play.

During a Washington power play in the first period of Game 4, Gonchar skated out from behind the Pittsburgh net and Ovechkin appeared to stick out his right knee a moment before the two collided. The Penguins defenceman was unable to put any weight on his right leg and was helped off the ice.

The National Hockey League has ruled out the notion of supplemental discipline which has prompted reaction from Gonchar's representative, JP Barry.

''We now have Exhibit A of the extreme double-standard that exists in the NHL's approach to discipline. Alex clearly cuts back with his knee after missing his check with devastating results. But of course, because it's Alex, its all Sergei's fault,'' Barry told TSN.

''It was a extremely negligent hit and if anyone else in this league does the same we all know they will face serious discipline,'' Barry continued. ''Part of being 'great' means playing with respect. He is wreckless and this isn't the first or last time he will get a free pass from the NHL, and the best part is he knows it.''


Anonymous said...

Sad but true. As Mario Lemieux stated many years ago.."This is a garbage league". Even casual fans can see when someone is out to hit with intent to injure. Until the NHL can stop the double standard BS, it will always be a 4th or even 5th tier sport. It's a real shame too, NHL playoff hockey is the best team sport that exists.

Kotsy's Korner said...

You know what's good about this? Is the fact that Ovechkin has finally been exposed as not just a great talent he's also a dirty player.

I've been beating this drum for awhile and now the fans around the NHL know what a true cheap shot artist he is.

J.P Barry is right he will continue to be until the NHL has enough guts to take him down.

Puck Central said...

Kotsy - I have to admit I'm a big AO fan, not so sure how intentional that knee on knee was. I do think that he can be a dirty player - he leaves his feet all the time to throw hits. And, often gets away with attempting hits that in my opinion are clearly guilty of charging. But, I love the fact that he doesn't back down & plays a physical style of game. I'll take Ovechkin over Malkin or Crosby on my team any day of the week.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Sorry, Have to disagree with you on this. He obviously moves his knee the last 3 feet into Gonchars. If you can't see that, then you choose not to.

He doesn't back down because he knows he's protected by Bettman and his cronies.
He's dirty and that's the truth.

When's he gonna throw down or are those gloves sewn on?

One more thing I'd still take Crosby and nothing Ovechkin will ever do will change my mind.

Frank said...

I guess that I choose not to see the dirtiness in the hit either. It was a hard hit & they got knee on knee, but I thought it was incidental knee on knee more than anything else.

We'll never know his intent.