Sunday, May 3, 2009

Markus Naslund To Retire

The rumor has been circulating ever since the Rangers were eliminated from the playoffs by the Capitals earlier this week that Markus Naslund was going to retire. Honestly, it's sad to say, but this is a great thing for the Rangers, since it frees up some much needed salary cap room. That is exactly why I assumed that there wasn't much to the rumor - especially because Naslund was guaranteed one more year at $3M by the Rangers. Not many players will walk away from a guaranteed contract. But, according to Larry Brooks of the NY Post today, Naslund has made a very classy move and will be walking away from the final year of his contract.

According to Brooks:

Proud and classy to the apparent end, Markus Naslund has told his Rangers teammates he is retiring despite having one season at $3 million remaining on the two-year, $8 million free agent contract he signed last summer, The Post has learned.

It is believed that the 35-year-old Naslund, who wore down dramatically as the season and then the seven-game series against the Caps progressed, notified GM Glen Sather of his decision at his exit interview on Thursday, though The Post has not been able to confirm that......

Without Naslund, the Blueshirts have approximately $37.87 million committed to nine core players under the cap that is expected to come in between $56-57 million if the NHLPA exercises its 5-percent bump.

We'll wait for an official confirmation from either the Rangers or Naslund, but the rumor has now hit a boiling point.

Now if only Wade Redden would do the same.....

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Anonymous said...

helps a little for sure. maybe NY can now use Zherdev's cap room & Naslund's cap room to sign someone like gaborik/hossa!

Puck Central said...

1) I don't want Gaborik too injury prone
2) Hossa wants to play for a Cup contender, that means not the Rangers
3) According to the Daily News today, it looks like Zherdev intends to be back in NY

Ryan McFadden - The Manic Ranger said...

I'd be ok with Gaborik under the correct terms. A few years at 4-5 million i'd be ok with. It's not entirely out of the realm of possibility with the economy and his injury history that he takes that kind of contract.

I saw Zherdev's interview, but even if he sounds like he might be back, that can definitely change this summer.