Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ovechkin Getting Death Threats

According to Pittsburgh's Channel 11 News:
Pittsburgh Police are investigating a threat made against Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals.Penguins' spokesperson Tom McMillan told Channel 11 that the Penguins are aware of the threat and will be releasing a statement shortly.The Capitals star forward has scored in every game in the playoff series against the Pens, including the first goal in Wednesday night's game.
Pretty's hockey people. I love the game as much as anybody else, but threatening someone's life? I mean, chances are the person had no intent to follow through with the threat, but still, what the heck are they thinking? It's obvious that if the police catch you (which they likely will) that you're going to jail for a lot longer than a few playoff rounds.

I don't really care who wins the Penguins/Capitals series but I'd love nothing more than to see Ovechkin go out and get a hat trick in this guy's honor.

Update: Now Puck Daddy is on the story and has found out the exact details. Supposedly, the threat was made on the Pittsburgh Penguins official message board during game 2 of the Penguins/Capitals series. The news made this sound a lot more severe than it actually is in my opinion. This is probably just some 13 year old sitting at his computer typing away without thinking about how much trouble he could get it. Sounded like another incident similar to the Flames fan who made a threat to Steve Mason this season. Image of the threat

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Anonymous said...

What a friggin outcry over nothing

Puck Central said...

Bettman claims that Balsillie did it :)