Friday, May 1, 2009

Rangers Re-Sign Backup Steve Valiquette

The Rangers have re-signed backup goalie to a contract for next season, that will pay him the same exact amount if made this past season, $725k. [Blue Notes]

Yesterday, I did an in-depth analysis on each of the Rangers' Restricted and Unrestricted Free agents and who the Rangers should re-sign this summer. [Link]

I wrote:
Vally knows his role and is a very capable NHL backup goalie. He had a one year deal for $725k and Sather should be able to sign Valiquette to another deal with similar financial terms. It seems like Lundqvist and Valiquette have a good relationship, which is important. I see no reason why Valiquette wouldn't be back, unless Sather thinks there is a better option out there for similar money.
Thank you Mr. Sather for reading my blog and getting to work right away! :)


Anonymous said...

signing of the summer!

Puck Central said...

Maybe not, but still important none the less that the Rangers got this out of the way quickly so now they can concentrate on signing other guys like Callahan & Dubinsky

Anonymous said...

There are going to be at least 10 good UFA goalies available on July 1st! WHY sign Valiquette to a contract now???

Puck Central said...

Disagree with you 100%. The Rangers needed to get this out of the way so they know how much cap room they have to make the other signings they have to make. What other goalie could the Rangers sign for under $1M who would be a reliable backup? I like that Sather got this out of the way right away