Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wang Regrets Buying Islanders & Other News

  • Always a good thing to hear when the owner of your team says he regrets buying them. When asked about buying the team, Charles Wang, owner of the Islanders said, "If I had the chance I wouldn't do it again." [Link]

  • Richard Zednik won't be back in Florida next season, opting to play in Russia instead. [Link]

  • An NHL mock draft already - always interesting to get an idea what will happen in June. [Link]

  • The Manic Ranger with Glen Sather's report card for his free agent signings of last summer. [Link]

  • Is Hemsky on his way out of Edmonton? [Link]

  • Do the Leafs really have a shot at getting Tavares? [Link]

  • Puck Daddy with Saturday's 3 Start of the Day & the Conn Smythe watch. [Link]

  • Warning, non-hockey related link: Video of Manny Pacquiao knocking out Ricky Hatton last night, one of the best knockouts you'll ever see! [Link]


Anonymous said...

hatton didn't get up for a long time after that punch, insane

Anonymous said...

say hello to Kansas Islander fans!

Anonymous said...

Stupid youtube removed the hatton knockout video!!