Friday, May 15, 2009

Zherdev Heading to KHL?

According to the Daily News:

According to unconfirmed information, the club forward NHL New York Rangers' Nikolai Zherdev soon could move to one of the top clubs of Continental hockey league.

Zherdev who is an RFA this summer had a cap hit last season of $2.5M but his salary last season was actually $3.25M. In my opinion he won't sign in the NHL for less than he made last season, so instantly his cap hit will be at least $3.25M (that's without a pay raise). Zherdev is/was probably the most skilled player on the Rangers, but there were long spells during the season (and entire playoffs) where he was invisible. As good as he was to watch at times, he was frustrating to watch at other times (earning the nickname Alexei Kovalev Jr.) I think this could make Sather's decision a little easier; he'll sign Antropov and look for another forward to replace Zherdev.


Anonymous said...

The Ranger's wouldn't resign him anyway. Maybe trade his rights at a max of a third round pick or something of that nature. He's terrible and for all his puck handling skills, he negatively compensates with being soft when pushed against a wall and getting fancy thus no production for long stretches. The rangers need to focus on acquiring Kov. from the Thrashers and possibly a play at hossa (doubt this). This team is garbage if it is left unchanged. Great core is not enough to get out of the first round and rangers are in dire straits for at least one dependable sniper. We need one or two of the big 4 horrible contracts to be dumped somehow otherwise we'll have no room to wiggle and itll be dejavu next year.

Puck Central said...

I can pretty much guarantee that unless the Rangers buy out one of those contracts they won't be moving two (maybe 1 if they are lucky).

No one would touch Redden's contract w/ a 10 ft. pole

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sather will give Redden an extension if he has a good pre-season.

Anonymous said...

We'd have Kovi for a week before the enigmatic label was on him!!!! No one on the team had a good post season,but Z gets the worst of it! Drury,gomez and Redden sucked ALL YEAR not just in the play=offs.Drury played like 2 good games all year...against last place teams...maybe he broke his $7.5 million dollar hand in October.If Z was American or Canadian it wouldn't be a problem. Green from Washington,SUCKED in the play-offs and he's a Norris trophy finalist!!! Maybe,he's not a team player,or enigmatic..maybe he shouldn't be in the NHL! Such a joke!

Puck Central said...

"Drury,gomez and Redden sucked ALL YEAR not just in the play=offs"

Yeah & if you've been reading my posts you'd see that I've called every one of them out. I'm the biggest Drury basher there is (I've nicknamed him Captain Invisible) as well as Redden.

I didn't bash Zherdev because he wasn't North American, I bashed him because I don't like his style of play & his inconsistency. Unfortunately Sather locked up some players long-term that he never ever should have. I'm hoping he doesn't make the same mistake w/ Zherdev. A short term deal I wouldn't mind. But, I'd rather use the money to get a bigger forward who can score