Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Antropov Not Returning to NYR

According to ESPN:
The New York Rangers have been unable to re-sign forward Nik Antropov, and it appears he's going to market. "He's definitely going to hit the market because the Rangers have no space to sign him," Antropov's agent, Mark Gandler, told ESPN.com on Tuesday.

Two sources told ESPN that Gandler asked the Rangers for five years at $5.25 million a year, which seems a little rich.

Well, this really isn't a surprise if you've been following PuckCentral.net for the past couple of weeks. First it was reported that Antropov wanted a 5-year deal worth around $4.5M per season (which is also too much) and then this weekend Glen Sather said that Antropov's agent was asking for too much money for his client.

I'm not going to say that I didn't want to see Nik Antropov back at the Garden, but there's no way that he's worth that much money. He's a consistent 25-goal scorer, asking for the money of a 40-goal scorer. He might get it somewhere, but the Rangers certainly can't do it with the cap situtaion that they have.

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