Friday, June 26, 2009

Burke Denies Leafs Interested in Redden

Ranger Rants reports that Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has denied the rumor that the Leafs are interested in Wade Redden. I posted the rumor on Wednesday but also stated how skeptical I was because in my honest opinion nobody is interested in Wade Redden and that redonkulous contract.

"I don't know where that got started," Burke told reporters in Montreal tonight. "We're not in discussions on that player."

Of course the fact that Burke has denied the rumor doesn't mean anything, but Ranger fans let's be honest with ourselves, how many of you actually believed that the Leafs were interested in Wade Redden??!

In other Toronto news, there has been a lot of talk about the Leafs fielding offers for Tomas Kaberle. The latest report from TSN this morning has the Boston Bruins offering up Phil Kessel in return for Kaberle and the Leafs 1st round pick (7th overall).

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back to dreaming about a buy out I guess!