Monday, June 29, 2009

Maybe Some Good Colton Orr News

Fingers crossed Rangers fans, hopefully this is a sign that the Rangers may be bringing Colton Orr back. Then again, it could just have easily been Glen Sather's way of telling Voros and Orr that they won't be back.

According to Stan Fischler:
Not that anything too serious should be read into it, but Colton Orr and Aaron Voros accompanied Glen Sather to last week's Canadian Society annual hockey dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria. Does this mean either – or both – will be back with the Blueshirts? Not necessarily. Now that the hated Flyers have Chris (not so Mr. Clean) Pronger, Orr might be the best bully-deterrent on Broadway.


Anonymous said...

glen sather do the right thing and bring colton orr back to the new york rangers

Anonymous said...

Glen, get your finger out of your you know where and sign the man already! Damn it, it's so frustrating to watch the best young fighter in the game being treated like he's useless!