Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rangers Qualify Zherdev, Not Sjostrom

According to Blue Notes:
Rangers president and general manager said a few minutes ago that the Rangers have given qualifying offers to some of their restricted free agents, including Nik Zherdev, but not Fredrik Sjostrom.

In his first interview with New York writers since the Rangers exited the playoffs in the first round, Sather also said that the agent for Nik Antropov was overpricing his client.

Looks like for one of the few times Glen Sather agrees with me on something, as I posted last week that I thought that Antropov was asking for way too much money.

Will post more when I find out what other Rangers were given qualifying offers, as of now the Rangers are just reporting that Zherdev was qualified. Does this mean he won't be traded to Ottawa now? Or, is it a sign and trade?

Opinions Ranger fans?


Anonymous said...

that's what, another $3 million towards the cap? hope this means he's getting traded to ottawa for heatley

Bob said...

I hope Zherdev rejects the offer & Antropov accepts an offer in the $3-$3.5M range.

I don't mind if Betts and Sjostrom aren't re-signed but I'm with you saying that Orr is a must sign guy. The addition of Pronger in Philly makes them instantly bigger + tougher and for years the rangers have been going the opposite direction. Boyle is big but I don't think he's making the team this season.

Gary said...

Zherdev may be a headcase, but there were stretches last season when he was the best player on the Rangers. If he could ever find consistency, he's a potential 40 goal scorer. He's got that kind of talent.