Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rangers Shopping Gomez

According to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN the Rangers have been shopping Scott Gomez around the league. Gomez is one of the Rangers highest paid players (has the biggest cap hit @ $7.357M per season) and is under contract for the next five seasons. It's a big contract, so the teams that would be willing to trade for Gomez are probably few and far between. The Los Angeles Kings are rumored to be seeking to bring in a "star" player, but is Scott Gomez still considered that caliber of player? If we're going by his past few seasons as a Ranger he certainly isn't.

Another reason why the Kings are the main team being mentioned in any rumors is because they have the second most cap room in the league (under $44M next season), just behind the Atlanta Thrashers. If the Kings were interested in Gomez, what exactly would they be willing to give up in return? How much salary would the Rangers have to take back in return? Obviously if Sather were to trade Gomez the plan would be to clear as much of that $7M+ off the table as possible. But, even with the cap room that the Kings have, it's likely that they would insist on the Rangers taking back at least one big contract. Michal Handzus (under contract for 2 more years @ $4M per season) is a player that the Kings may insist on the Rangers taking in return. Would the Rangers be able to get anything of value in return? Or, would it simply be a trade to dump lots of salary?

In New York, the Rangers expected Gomez to be their number one line center, paying him and captain Chris Drury (both who are probably better suited as 2nd line centers) the type of money that top centers around the league earn. In LA, Anze Kopitar is the undisputed #1 center and Gomez would likely slide in more comfortably on the second line. But, the question remains whether the Kings would be willing to take on that huge contract. The Rangers have several contracts that they want to get rid of - including Drury & Redden's multi-year deals. Although Drury's contract is one year shorter than Gomez's, I would prefer to dump Drury's contract. Opinions Ranger fans?


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