Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hockey News Video Discussing Zherdev Arbitration

The first 2:45 or so of the video discusses the Nikolai Zherdev situation. Zherdev and the Rangers go to arbitration tomorrow, July 31st. However, don't expect to hear the results of the arbitration hearing until at least Monday (in my opinion).


NYR Blogger said...

Decent Video. But the are right, arbitration can really mess up player-team relationships.

Puck Central said...

Yeah, especially if the wrong things are said. I still think that the previous season when Sather said the things about Avery that he did during Avery's arbitration hearing that it led to Avery going to Dallas. We'll never know I guess and it's obvious that Sather likes Avery & I would think that now that Avery got another chance (which very few if any other GMs were willing to give him) that Avery has gotten over what was said.

I see Zherdev having a hissy fit, demanding more money and running back to the KHL

NYR Blogger said...

I agree. It wouldn't surprise me if Nik went to the KHL.