Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interview with Artem Anisimov

Artem Anisimov is one of the young prospects that the Rangers have in their system who is hoping to make the Ranger roster coming out of training camp. He is the favorite amongst the forward crop to make 2009-10 their NHL rookie season. NYRangerscast did an interview with the center who is currently training in Russia. They were kind enough to send the interview over to us, I encourage you to also visit their site as they've done some other good interviews (like the Matt Gilroy interview which we had posted here last week).

What has this summer been like for you? What have you done and what do you plan on doing before coming back to America in September?

ANISIMOV: Before training I simply rested, hung out with my relatives and friends, and went house hunting with my girlfriend. In the beginning of June I started my training in the gym and jogged. The Rangers gave me a special training program which I am using to prepare for the season. I want to come to training camp at my maximum level of preparation.

John Tortorella has been talking about Rangers players having to be better conditioned next season then they were last year. What are you doing to prepare for what’s sure to be a very tough training camp?

I am training intensively, working on my form on the ice and in the gym. In the gym I do various types of weight training and besides that I am constantly jogging. Also, I swim five times a week and try to play tennis as often as possible.

You had a great season in the American Hockey League last year. Do you feel you are ready to make the jump to the NHL?

Last season was very successful for me. I was flattered to be invited to the all-star game. That was my first time participating in something like that. I received good experience playing North American hockey last year. I played 80 games for Hartford, scoring 81 points which, in my opinion, is a good indicator. I have been living in the U.S. for two years now and I feel that I have gained enough experience. I understand the style of North American hockey and I like it very much. I now feel I have the strength to play in the NHL.

You got a little taste of the NHL last season, playing in one regular season game and one playoff game. Do you think that experience will help you as you try to make the Rangers this season?

The first game in the regular season against Atlanta gave me tremendous experience. After that game I was sent back to the farm club, but I understood what I had to work on and what my goals were.

As for the playoff game with Washington, I cannot describe it in words. After these two games I truly knew what it meant to play in the NHL. It was a priceless experience which I am hoping will help me.

Finally Artem, tell Ranger fans what the best aspect of your game is? Shooting, passing, skating or something else?

I keep working on all the components of my game since I need all of them on the ice. After each practice, I stay on the ice working on my shooting and when I participate in the drills I try to accurately make passes. I still have to improve my skating. But if I had to isolate the best part of my game, it would probably be passing.

Thanks again to NYRangerscast for sending us the interview, which we had originally linked to via the PuckCentral Twitter account yesterday.

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OMG...was that a highlight goal against the Bruins today. Havent seen one of those since Messier in his glory days...a true power and skill move.