Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Korpikoski Heading to KHL?

According to a Swedish website, Lauri Korpikoski may be looking to sign with a KHL team.

I do not know how credible the website it, I don't even know what the website says, because I don't read any language other than English. I'm just going by what others have interpreted the article as saying.

This better not be because he isn't getting enough money, Korpikoski got way more money than he deserved last season ($1M cap hit). The fact that he is even getting a 10% pay raise is pretty damn nice for him. I'm assuming this is some type of hard ball contract negotiation tactic being employed by Korpkoski's agent to get him more than the 10% pay raise that he's entitled to as an RFA.

H/T to The NYR Blog

Blueshirt Banter has provided a rough translation of the article:

Timra is looking to replace Mika Pyorala, and may do so with Lauri Korpikoski. The article says the Rangers want to keep Korpikoski, but made him a lowball offer, and that he has allegedly received an offer from the KHL.

If I understand it right, the offer is $1.5M a year.

The article also says Korpi is good friends with former Ranger Jarkko Immonen

That's the best I can do guys, but it doesn't take a perfect translation to see this may not be good news.

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