Thursday, July 16, 2009

Short Stay In Phoenix For Nigel Dawes

Nigel Dawes goes from the desert to the freezer (when I think of Calgary I can't help but think of the movie Cool Runnings when they arrive at the airport in Calgary for the Olympics). I think that the addition of Korpikoski this week made Dawes expendable as both are left wingers. But, if the report by TSN is true that Dawes was seeking a contract for less than $1 million per year then I'm a little surprised that they didn't re-sign him.

According to TSN:

Nigel Dawes' brief stay in Phoenix has come to an end.

The 24-year old was claimed off of waivers by the Calgary Flames on Thursday.

Dawes, who is a restricted free agent, was one of 20 players that filed for salary arbitration earlier this month. He was reportedly looking for a one-way deal for less than $1 million, but was instead put on waivers by the Coyotes.

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