Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zherdev Wants $4.5M

Remember about two weeks ago when it was reported that Nik Antropov was asking for a contract in the range of $4M+? It appears that Nik Zherdev has more in common with Mr. Antropov than just a first name. Zherdev according to today's NY Post is asking for a contract in the $4.5M per season range. I know that Glen Sather's generosity when it comes to handing out contracts is probably going to continue to come back to burn him, because every player from now until God knows when is going to ask for way more than they are actually worth.

According to the NY Post:

As it was, there was debate within the organization whether to qualify Zherdev at the required $3.25 million price tag after his uneven season that frustrated both Tom Renney and John Tortorella.

Now, with Zherdev seeking a contract believed in the neighborhood of $4.5M, there's little doubt the Blueshirts would walk away from an arbitration award that's even a nickel more than $3.25M, and thus make the 24-year-old winger an unrestricted free agent.

Antropov hit the UFA market and as I predicted got signed by one of the smaller market teams that typically has a problem signing UFAs. That is probably what Nik Zherdev and his agent are hoping for, another guy that is all about the "Benjamins". If that's his mentality, then let him walk.

There isn't much out there on the free agent market as far as top-6 forwards go, but hopefully if the Rangers and Zherdev don't get something worked out the Rangers can replace Zherdev with a forward who can put the puck in the back of the net. The scary thing is I envision a replacement along the lines of a Maxim Afinogenov.


Norm said...

What the hell is wrong with these players? Is it their greedy agents? Zherdev is lucky to get the qualifying offer he got after the way he played last season! Take the money that Zherdev is currently being allocated in cap room - $3.25M and sign someone like Sykora or Tanguay

The Dark Ranger said...

This figure is insanity for a guy who shows up 50% of the time -- I trust (hope) that Callahan who also is in arbitration is more process than posture, as he is worth $1.5M (as opposed to his $700k'ish that he's currently paid), but Zherdev just chased himself out of the Blueshirt and no one seems to be too upset over this.

Puck Central said...

I agree w/ both of you. I doubt Callahan is asking for some ridiculous amount (then again who knows) - I'm also assuming that whatever contract Callahan gets, will be used as a standard for Dubinsky's contract. I don't see either of those players being a problem to re-sign for under $2M/yr.

Brian said...

Why why why would we want Sykora? This guy was a scratch for the Pens in the playoffs, so why would we want a Penguins castoff to play a prominent role on our team?

Tanguay would be a logical choice, because he is similar to Zherdev in that he prefers to pass. I would love to see Kotalik on this team. He is real good on the PP from the point and scored numerous powerplay goals last season.

Puck Central said...

I don't know about giving Sykora a prominent role, but I think he can still play at the NHL level. He did score 20+ goals last season and was a scratch because the Pens were rotating him & Satan in & out of the lineup. Tanguay is a LW whereas Zherdev is a RW, so if that's the replacement there would have to be other players rotated around. Also, I think that Tanguay will be asking for more than $4M.

Bubbles said...

a healthy Afino is a pretty good threat to have. But I don't see Tortz enforcing a high tempo offense that Maxim is used to under Ruff