Friday, August 14, 2009

Latest NY Ranger Trade Rumors

According to a Pittsburgh Sports website today, these are the latest rumors in Ranger world. Considering the source, read this with as much skepticism as you like. I'm not one for posting stuff like this usually, but it's a Friday in August and frankly I'm sick of the lack of hockey talk and news.
The New York Rangers continue to show a strong interest in Stars center Brad Richards but the two sides are not close on a deal.

The two sides have agreed on Brandon Dubinsky being involved but there's a major snag in the trade talks.

The Rangers are trying to move Michal Rozsival in any deal for Richards. The Stars have no interest in Rozsival.

While Richards is at the top of the Rangers wishlist, the Rangers have reached out to free agent forwards Vinny Prospal and Todd Bertuzzi.

I still don't buy the whole Rangers are interested in Brad Richards rumor.

I'm sure that most of these rumors are being generated because Dubinsky has yet to sign a new contract. When he gets that done (that's right, it's not an if, but a when) these rumors will finally go away. If Sather refused to include Dubinsky in a trade for Heatley what makes you think he'll trade him for Richards?

As for the other two names mentioned, neither surprise me and especially at the numbers that Bertuzzi should be getting ($1.2M - $1.7M) I wouldn't be horrified if they brought him in. Prospal on the other hand is going to cost a lot more and is more of the same type of player that's already on the roster.

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