Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Latest on Blair Betts

Not much has been heard about Blair Betts over the past few months. Betts who has been a reliable 4th line center for the New York Rangers since the 2005-06 season and one of the best penalty-killing forwards in the game is an unrestricted free agent. At the beginning of the summer it was assumed that Betts would be back with the Rangers, since he and Freddie Sjostrom were one of the main reasons why the Rangers penalty-killing was so good last season. But, soon there were rumblings that the Rangers weren't interested in re-signing Betts and not long after that, the Flames signed Freddie Sjostrom.

There was an article today in the Calgary Sun discussing Betts' offseason and what the latest news is around the soon to be ex-Ranger.

Blair Betts has never been in this position.

The gritty centre, who spent the last four campaigns with the New York Rangers, has always known in the summer where he'd be plying his trade in the upcoming season.

This year, however, he is still looking for a job.

Surprising really, considering the relatively low price tag for Betts' solid penalty-killing and faceoff abilities.

"Things have been pretty quiet for about a month now," Betts said yesterday. "I'm not sure what's going to happen. We'll just have to continue to wait for a couple of weeks and see what happens."

Betts, 29, is one of a number of pros skating at a camp in Edmonton in preparation for the upcoming season.

He's also one of a handful of free agents yet to sign with a team. Mike Comrie, who is also attending the camp, is another.

"It'll be interesting to talk to some of the other guys who haven't signed either, and kind of hear what's been going on with them," Betts said.

"Right now, there are a lot of teams that are pretty close to the salary cap and are dealing with some tough numbers right now. It's a tough time for a lot of people right now, but what can you do? You just have to be patient."

A former second-round pick of the Calgary Flames, Betts scored six goals and added four assists in 81 games last season with the Blueshits.

Betts' career stats

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