Sunday, August 9, 2009

Patrick Kane Arrested!

According to the Buffalo News:

Chicago Blackhawk right winger and South Buffalo native Patrick Kane and a relative face robbery and other charges after allegedly assaulting a cab driver and failing to pay their fare after getting a ride from Chippewa Street early this morning.

Kane, 20, and James M. Kane, 21, were arrested about 5 a.m. on Eastwood Place, according to Buffalo police reports.

The pair allegedly punched the cab driver and grabbed money they had handed him after he told them he didn't have twenty cents in coins to give them their change, the report said.

Their fare was $13.80 and they handed the driver $15, according to a report.

The cab driver told police he was punched in the face and head, grabbed by the throat and had his glasses broken during the incident.

A torn $5 bill was found in James Kane's pocket while in the Erie County Holding Center, the report said.

Buffalo Police Department spokesman Michael J. DeGeorge confirmed Patrick Kane and a relative were arrested after an incident involving a cab driver.

Both men were charged with second-degree robbery, a Class C felony, as well as fourth-degree criminal mischief and theft of services, both Class A misdemeanors.

On Thursday, Kane was at Timothy J. Burvid Ice Rink in Cazenovia Park to help Mayor Byron W. Brown announce funding to improve the rink and other park facilities.

"Today is special for me," Kane said at the ceremony. "This is where I grew up playing hockey. This is the first rink I probably skated in when I was 6 years old."

Kane, who was the first overall pick in the 2007 NHL draft, continued:

"It's special for me; it's the place I grew up," Kane said. "The best part is coming back and hanging out with your buddies and your family.

Brown declared Kane and fellow NHL star and Buffalo native Tim Kennedy "hometown heroes" and one parent at the park with her son that day called them "role models."

"I'll tell you one thing: It's a lot of fun playing in the NHL and playing on the ice and playoffs and certain things, and being part of an Original Six organization with the Blackhawks," Kane told the crowd. "But to come back home and drive in the driveway for the first time for summer, and realize that you have a long time to hang out back home in Buffalo [is a great feeling].

"The best thing about it is my friends treat me like I'm a regular kid. They don't treat me like a celebrity or whatever they might treat me like in Chicago."

Despite the humor in the above picture, I can't help but wonder what's the full story here. It just doesn't make sense that an NHL superstar would flip out over $1.20


Anonymous said...


nice photoshop ;)

Anonymous said...

The cab driver story does sound stupid but this 2nd story doesn't make much sense either. How does it tie the 2 stories togtehr?

Thanks for posting it though - makes you wonder for sure

NYR Blogger said...

Pretty immature move by Knae, but we do not know the real story yet.

BTW, that photoshop is great!!!

Puck Central said...


No I don't know if we'll ever hear the full story. With the cover up & the settlement, this is probably going to go away pretty fast IMO

Sean Weatherby said...

even if he was drunk, i don't think that will help him if the cab driver takes him to court