Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update on Francis Bouillon Rumor

Update: 1:45pm ET

According to Jeff, who we already mentioned before, a new article, which once again is inconveniently in French, states that the teams still interested in Bouillon are the Rangers, Penguins and Chicago.


According to this French speaking website it looks like once again there could be an erroneous report floating around.

It's strange that this rumor was circulated on Monday, then it went away until Wednesday afternoon. Both times the rumor was that a French Canadian radio station had confirmed that Bouillon was a NYR.

Jeff (a member of the PuckCentral Forums), noticed that the Google translation which I originally had posted below had an error. So Jeff has roughly translated the first paragraph as saying:

"Francis Bouillon is not only discussing his future with the New York Rangers. The former defenceman of the Canadiens, who's still whitout a contract one month away from the beginning of training camps, confessed he's been in contact with 5 or 6 teams."

The rest of the article translated via Google, says:

Bouillon is back on his return to the game too early in the second match of the series against the Boston Bruins.

"It was a rash decision, but it was mine," he said, outside the golf tournament Maxim Lapierre.

Bouillon had not played for two months because of injuries to the abdomen and groin. DG Bob Gainey has called to ask him to take part in the warm, Bouillon then made the mistake of agreeing to return to the game

On April 18 against the Bruins, Bouillon has jumped on the ice four times, before aggravating his disease.

Since then, the Montreal Canadiens did not offer. Moreover, Bouillon is on the market with independent label player "injured". He describes his state of health must be scary to the Directors-General and this probably explains why this is so long.

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