Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heatley To Rangers Rumors Won't Go Away

These rumors involving Dany Heatley being traded to the Rangers just won't go away. The rumors have existed ever since Heatley requested a trade from Ottawa at the beginning of the summer and the trade was "imminent" the day of the NHL Entry Draft. Ever since the rumors have gotten quieter but just won't go away.

A "rumor" that was posted in today's Ottawa Citizen:

There may only be days to spare, but it remains to be seen whether the reluctant Senator will actually have to show his face in Ottawa. It would certainly appear that no trade is imminent, but the rumours continue to come at us from all angles.

One that made a lot of sense, and still does, involved the New York Rangers and two of their good, young players, defenceman Marc Staal and forward Brandon Dubinsky.

Senators general manager Bryan Murray has always liked Staal, a big, smart defenceman with ideal family bloodlines. The younger brother of Eric and Jordan Staal (with one more bro to come) makes just $765,000 this season before becoming a restricted free agent.

Murray, then the Senators' head coach, wanted his GM of the day, John Muckler, to draft Staal in 2005. Muckler chose Brian Lee ninth overall. Staal went 12th to New York. Dubinsky, 23, who produced 41 points and 112 penalty minutes last season, has not yet come to terms on a new Rangers contract.

To make it possible for the Rangers to absorb Heatley's cap hit, Ottawa could agree to take beleaguered defenceman Michal Rozsival, who has three years left on his contract, with a $5-million cap hit.

So let me get this straight - there's a rumor that the Rangers are willing to trade Michal Rozsival, Brandon Dubinsky AND Marc Staal for Dany Heatley and another Ottawa defenseman with a low cap hit.

This isn't a rumor - this is a dream that some Senators fan had last night. There's no way that Glen Sather (despite all of the crazy things that he's done), is going to trade a future Rangers captain in Dubinsky along with a top young defenseman in Staal to Ottawa. I repeat, no way that this trade offer should circulate in Glen's brain for more than a second.

There's no doubt that Dany Heatley is a very good player, heck, he's one of the most naturally gifted goal scorers in the NHL. But, he also has a reputation as being a spoiled brat - requesting a trade from Atlanta (because of that fatal car accident he had involving Dan Snyder) and now Ottawa when things didn't go his way.

I can see why this would interest the Senators, but looking at what is going back in return, can't say that I'd consider this anything more than a fantasy ending to a circus sideshow that has lasted the entire summer. If these are the type of offers that Bryan Murray is waiting for, Heatley will be a Senator for a very long time. Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250


dbmaven said...

Unfortunately, the rumors will not die - until he's actually in another team's uniform.

In the meantime, to sell papers, yet another "journalist" has a hallucinogen-induced fantasy about Marc Staal and Brandon Dubinsky and *POOF* - it's a done deal. :rolls eyes:

What part of "Staal is not an option" do these people not get? Ooops....option is a 2 syllable word.....

Joe Fortunato said...

Hey its Joe Fortunato,

There is NO WAY the Rangers give up Staal in any kind of deal for Heatley. I wouldnt even report it, your blog is too good to be tainted with Heatley rumors

Puck Central said...

Thanks Joe LOL - it's Rangers talk and since there's not much else I figured I'd dispose of the rumor as quickly as I could

Db - I was thinking that it was a dream that a Sens fan had. But you might be onto something w/ the drugs theory ;)

Anonymous said...

GRRRRRRRR i will be very upset if they do this trade very very very upset.

Anonymous said...

no way no how...... thats all i can say because im speechless at the stupidity of whoever invented this rumor.. and let me say glen sather has done some very stupid things wayne gretkzy in 88 being one but this? this is highway robbery for new york.. they would get one spoiled talented brat who can't say anything nice and a lowly defenseman for one of the best dman out there, Marc Stall, Brandon Dubinsky and Michal Rozsival? pfft yeah right and toronto maple leafs will win the cup this year

nondimenticario said...

Whats wrong with everyone? We've got Gaborik. Now ill just go back to bed until the puck drops on opening day. Some one wake me up if and when we sign Dubie.