Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thoughts After Rangers Preseason Game #2

Rangers 2 - Devils 3 (SO)
  • Glad to see that the referees are in mid-season form when it comes to how Sean Avery is treated. That first period goalie interference call that resulted in a goal being wiped out was a complete joke. Thankfully it's only preseason so it doesn't mean squat. But, once again the zebras prove that there's one set of rules for Sean Avery and another set of rules for the other players on the ice.

  • David Clarkson said during an intermission interview with Stan Fischler that he's going to pick his spots more this season of when to drop the gloves. Something tells me that someone has been whispering in his ear because the Devils may be depending on him to step up his production of 17 goals from last season.

    I think he'll hit the 20-goal mark this season, possibly get 25. I had predicted this prior to his goals tonight - so I'm not just jumping all over a good performance in a preseason game.

  • This year's signing of Tyler Arnason = last year's signing of Patrick Rissmiller

  • Matt Gilroy's third period goal would've made Marian Gaborik proud!

  • Speaking of Marian Gaborik - is the guy going to play this year or just sit around collecting a pay check as a "precautionary measure"?

  • According to Ranger Rants, the current 54 man training camp roster will be reduced to around 30 later today, with the cuts announced to the media around 4pm.


nyr351 said...

Arnason signing > Rissmiller signing because Arnason has a 2-way deal, and will be making peanuts in Hartford while Rissmiller (who might stick in NYC) will be making $1m either way.

Puck Central said...

That's true in that sense.

But, honestly - as long as the contract doesn't count against the cap I could care less how much Jim Dolan has to pay someone to play in Hartford ;)