Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Erin Andrews Talks About John Tortorella

You always hear about what a hard ass John Tortorella is. Well Erin Andrews - the famous ESPN news reporter, has a different opinion of Torts. John, did you really let that young blonde get to your soft side? I'm sure Tortorella was just being a "nice guy." When asked about how much of an influence Tortorella had on her career, she responded:
"Torts' has meant so much to me in my life and in my career. It was clearly a situation where he didn't want a 22-year-old around that team, nor should he have. He was trying to turn around the worst team in the league. And here's this 22-year-old kid right out of school traveling on the bus, at the hotel, at all the practices.

But he taught me so much about how to prepare, how you should act as a professional, how to ask questions. I mean, if you weren't prepared, a guy like that could be tough to deal with. (Laughs) And he taught me to have no fear. He taught me how to prepare and jump right in. He was so good and respectful to me, and he didn't have to be. Everybody with the Lightning was like that.
H/T KuklasKorner
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