Monday, February 22, 2010

Marty Being Marty!

After last night's upset by the United States over Canada, Martin Brodeur blamed everyone and everything but himself for the loss:
"It was a tough game," he said. "I think they got some bounces to score some goals. Had one go off my player. I made some key saves I thought in the game to turn it around, we just didn't take advantage of it. After the two breakaway saves I made in the second, I feel that maybe something's going to happen and we went on to take three penalties in a row from there."

He also asked for more scoring support. "We're throwing 45 shots at these goalies and they're making stops facing forwards, backwards, sideways. Eventually, if we keep doing these right things offensively, we'll be more successful."
It reminds me of this Sean Avery interview:

Quotes from Puck Daddy

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