Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Possible Gaborik Injury (Fingers Crossed!)

Jim Cerny is reporting that Jim Schoenfeld says " I don't want to say it's ONLY a laceration, but that's what it is, a laceration."

According to Ranger Rants:
Marian Gaborik just skated gingerly off the ice at this morning’s Ranger practice, favoring his right leg. The team was doing a one-on-one drill and Gaborik came in on Henrik Lundqvist, who dove out to try and poke check the puck away. Gaborik tried jumping over Lundqvist and instead slid face first toward the corner, remaining on the ice for about a half minute as Lundqvist checked on him.

Gaborik then skated toward the bench bent over, holding up his right leg.
As grim as the Rangers' season outlook is, it is a whole lot worse if this injury to Gaborik is anything substantial. Queue the jokes about Gaborik's history of injuries in 3...2...1

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